25th March 2020

Today we received advice from the Chief Health Officer Victoria to close our caravan park, effective midnight tonight, Wednesday 25th March. We will be closing the park to guests until further notice. At this stage we do not know when we will reopen. Important things to note:

  • All guests planning to visit as of tomorrow may not enter the park.
  • All guests currently within the park must leave by midnight tonight
  • Those with seasonal bookings must collect their vans and other personal items prior to 3pm Sunday.
  • From Sunday 5pm we will be deactivating boom codes and closing the park. No one may enter. If you have tents, caravans or any other personal items still in the park at that time you may not enter to retrieve it until further notice. We will do our best to secure your items and will confirm this with you.
  • All guests with a park booking from today until June 30 will have their booking and pre-paid monies transferred to the same dates in 2021. You WILL NOT lose your site booking. We will contact you asap to confirm this transfer of booking to 2021.
  • If you want to cancel your booking please contact us. You will receive a full refund. If you choose to cancel you WILL lose your site booking for 2021.


We appreciate that this closure will be disappointing for many of you who were looking forward to your next holiday, we too were looking forward to another great Autumn here in the park. But, the threat that COVID-19 poses to the health of all Australians is one to be taken seriously and closing the park and postponing holidays for a while is the part we all need to play.

We hope these answers below address some of your concerns. We will be keeping this COVID-19 webpage up to date with the latest information on our park.

Common Questions

How will I be notified of my booking being transferred to 2021?

Answer: We will contact you via email to confirm the transfer of your booking to 2021. You will receive a new booking statement detailing the 2021 booking dates and any monies still owed for the booking.


Should I cancel my booking?
That is your decision to make. We are allowing new bookings to be made from June 30 onwards, but this is subject to the park being able to reopen at that time. If you do make a booking we will keep in contact with you to notify you of the park opening status.


I want to cancel and rebook at a later date. How will this work?

Answer: You can do this two ways. You can do a full cancellation and receive a refund OR you can cancel and we keep your monies in a personal client account. This can then we used at a later date to book a new holiday with us.


If I cancel how will my monies be refunded, and how soon will I get them?

Answer: If you notify us that you wish to cancel your booking we will ask you to provide an email with your request, and for the email to include your banking details so we can credit your account.

We cannot guarantee a timeframe for this refund as we may be very busy during this period of closure, however we normally refund monies once a week.



We are monitoring the pandemic situation and responding as quickly as possible to any government advice. We will update the COVID-19 page on our website with any updates and information as they come to hand. We will also place any relevant information on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.  Thankyou for your support and understanding. We look forward to welcoming you back in the future for a great holiday when all this is behind us.

The Barwon Heads Caravan Park Team