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Family fun coastal adventures 3-day winter itinerary

Explore Australia’s coast in a way that is uniquely Victorian. Kids love to get outdoors and the seaside offers the best discovery options for them to investigate their natural world in winter.

This itinerary is ideal for the active young family with loads of energy to burn from adventure golf, beach night walks, koalas, wildlife wetlands, bike riding trails, and a snowy winter wonderland festival.

You won’t hear one complaint from the kids about being bored or even the cry, I can’t find my charger, all weekend. This is a jam-packed seaside winter adventure weekend for kids and their families that will create memories to cherish forever. 

Day 1:

Outdoor family day with adventure golf and night walk discovery activities

Day 2:

A kids’ haven day with pony rides, log fires and yummy food:

  • In the chilly morning warm up by the cosy log fire while the little ones run amuck at Meerkat Manner Indoor Play & Cafe
  • In the afternoon when the sun’s peeking out from between the clouds go for a 20-minute pony ride or longer trail horse ride at Spring Creek Horse Rides.
  • For dinner don’t think about cooking, treat the family to piping hot pizza at the Napona.

Day 3:

Action-packed adventure day at the super park, wetlands, Bellarine Rail Trail and the Adventure Park Winter Glow Festival

  • Bring your morning cuppa and the kids to the recently rebuilt super park – Kingston Park.
  • Pack a picnic lunch and put on everyone’s winter walking shoes and stroll around the beautiful Ocean Grove Nature Reserve, Blue Waters Lake Reserve loop or the Begola Wetland.
  • If you have got the energy to spare get everyone on their pushbikes, electric scooters or skateboards and explore the Bellarine Rail Trail.
  • Top the getaway off with a visit to a spectacular snowy wonderland at the Adventure Park Winter Glow Festival.

So what do you say? Are you in?

This is the ultimate 3-day winter by the sea itinerary for young families with adventure in their hearts.

After patting koalas, wildlife bird spotting on the blue lake, running amuck at the super park, and eating at the most delicious family-friendly cafes and restaurants in town you won’t want to leave.

Return home with a load of fun memories and fully satisfied kids who have a newfound love for what the amazing Victorian coast has to offer in winter. Don’t worry, there is loads more to explore.

We’re always here for more family fun coastal adventures!

Book your Winter Family Adventure at Barwon Heads Caravan Park here.

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