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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Barwon Heads Caravan Park is in a unique location, where the river meets the sea and is gifted by nature.

Barwon Heads Caravan Park staff work alongside the Barwon Coast team, and as such we take our role as adopted custodians of this land seriously and work hard to ensure we protect the natural values of the area where possible and minimise any environmental impacts we may have.

The protection and restoration of the natural environment of our coast is Barwon Coast’s highest priority. Barwon Heads Caravan Park is run with this priority in mind and not only do we reinvest all our revenue into the caravan park itself and Barwon Coast’s coastal management, but we also consider sustainability in every element of our operations. Examples of this are:

  • our work to protect and restore native vegetation within the park
  • protecting native wildlife within the park
  • using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • running education programs for our guests on the natural values of the Barwon Coast

We hope you also see the value of looking after the Barwon coastline as an area of great natural beauty with unique landscapes and a diversity of coastal ecosystems.